Alageyik Efsanesi (Legend of the Red Deer-Turkish/ Anatolian folk legend)

"ben de gittim bir geyiğin avına..."

eng info: a short story based on anatolian folk legend about a hunter. a hunter who is lunatic, addicted to hunt red deers. he killed hundreds of them and still he couldnt stop. one time, after a long chase of very huge mother red deer, he mistakenly shot her youngster, while mother escaped. then our story begins...

* * *spoiler* * *

There are chains of mountains called aladağlar(like ala-geyik) near to Adana province, name of their peak is kızılkaya(redrock), so its believed that this story had happent in that area, and name of the mountains were coming from the blood of our couple.

* * *spoiler* * *

This story was first written by Yasar Kemal, nobel prize nominated turkish writer ( In the book of 3 Anatolian Legends (1967). He inspired by regional folk tales and folk song of this legend. Following years, famous Anatolian-psychedelic rock band "mogollar" arranged a new song from this traditional folk song( in their album "1971: Les Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie d'hier á aujourd'hui ". They won "Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles Cros Academy" (previously won by such groups as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix) in 1971 with this album.

we tried to use traditional media and arrange it with new technics, new ways. Try to transport this story into nowadays from the dusty shelves of yesterday.

title: legend of the red deer
animation & story: ali can meydan
art director & story: caglar biyikoglu
music: akin biyikoglu
Alageyik Efsanesi (Legend of the Red Deer-Turkish/ Anatolian folk legend) Reviewed by Türk Asya on Perşembe, Şubat 12, 2015 Rating: 5

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