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Turkic Republics and Communities(Türk Dünyası Bağlantı Zincirleri)

ALTAI in Russia - Altai Turks AZERBAIJAN - Azeris BASHKORTOSTAN (BASHKIRIA) in Russia - Bashkirs CHUVASHYA (CHUVASHISTAN) in Russia - ...



Current Events, Business, and Politics

  • The Times of Central Asia - daily news
  • Central Asian-American Enterprise Fund
  • Eurasia Research Center
  • Central Asia and the Caucasus: Journal of Social and Political Studies
  • Central Asia News.net
  • International Institute for Caspian Studies
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia
  • Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
  • Trend - news from the Caspian, South Caucasus, and Central Asia

  • Environmental Issues
  • Requiem for the Dying Aral Sea

  • History, Archaeology, and Culture
  • Khazaria.com (The American Center of Khazar Studies)
  • An Introduction to the History of Khazaria
  • The Khazar Fortress of Sarkel
  • Khazaria Image Gallery
  • Excerpts from the Letters of Hasdai ibn Shaprut and King Joseph
  • Khazaria (586-1083 AD) - essay by Dennis Leventhal and Chris Brantley
  • The Khazars - essay by Peter Wolfe and Jeff Zolitor
  • The Khazars - essay by Avraham Revello
  • The Khazars - essay by Steven Lowe
  • Military History Encyclopedia on the Web: Khazar Khaganate - essay by Tristan Dugdale-Pointon
  • Donskaya Arkheologiya - journal about Khazars and other steppe groups, in Russian and English
  • Khazarskiy Kaganat - in Russian
  • Istoriya Astrakhani: Khazarskiy kaganat - in Russian
  • Istorie Evreiasca: Povestea Kazarilor - in Romanian
  • Enzyklopä des Europäischen Ostens: Chasaren, -Reich, -Khaghanat - in German
  • History Bookshop: Khazars
  • Encyclopedia of Russian History: Khazars - article by Roman K. Kovalev
  • Columbia Encyclopedia: Khazars
  • Wielka Internetowa Encyklopedia Multimedialna: Chazarowie
  • Entsiklopediya Krugosvet: Khazary
  • Silk Road Seattle
  • Silk Road Seattle Project: Traditional Cultures in Central Asia
  • 1100th Anniversary of Hungarian Settlement in Central Europe
  • History of Central Asia, Part 1
  • History of Central Asia, Part 2
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Uzbeks and Turkmen
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Eastern Turkestan
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Kyrgyzian and Siberian
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Bashkirs and Tatars
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Crimean Tatars
  • Xazarskiy kostyum VII-X vv. - essay by Aleksey Tselikovskiy about Khazarian and North Caucasian costumes
  • Ancient Tangriqut Rulers of Western and Eastern Huns
  • Turks in China
  • The Western Turks
  • Bulgar History
  • Weapons Used by the Bulgars
  • Kutriguri Way of Battle
  • Hunno-Bulgar Religion and Spirituality
  • History of the Proto-Bulgarians North and West of the Black Sea
  • Inscription and Alphabet of the Proto-Bulgarians
  • Language of the Asparukh and Kuber Bulgars, Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Birth of Great Bulgaria
  • Khan Kubrat, ruler of the Turkic Bulgars
  • Khan Asparoukh, first Turkic ruler of Danubian Bulgaria
  • Expansion of the Bulgarian State to the South of the Danube
  • Tatarstan History - Volga Bulgaria
  • Volga Bulgaria - archaeology of Volga Bulgaria (version in Russian: Volzhskaya Bulgariya)
  • Medieval Scholars and Writers from Volga Bulgaria - in Russian
  • Rulers of Volga Bulgaria
  • About Volgo - Kama Bulgaria in the Middle Ages - essay by George Genoff
  • Columbia Encyclopedia: Bulgars, Eastern
  • Old-Turkic Deities - book chapter by Rafael Bezertinov
  • Sakaliba are Kipchaks, and Bulgars are One of Kipchak Tribe - rather strange article
  • TANGRA TanNakRa - Bulgarian history
  • The Turki, Khazars, Bulgars, Polovtsy, and Pereshchepina Treasure
  • Nomad-Sedentary Politics in Medieval Russia - essay by Mark J. Janselewitz
  • The Turkic Kipchaks of Medieval Eurasia
  • The Codex Cumanicus - essay by Peter B. Golden
  • Cumans (1054-1394 AD)
  • Pechenegs (850-1122 AD)
  • Of the Pechenegs, by Constantine Porphyrogenitus
  • The Pechenegs - essay by Steven Lowe and Dmitriy Ryaboy
  • Pechenegy - in Russian
  • The Lay of Igor's Raid - story about Rus' battle against Cumans
  • The Song of Igor's Campaign - another translation of this story
  • Turkish Mythology
  • Alpamysh and the Turkic Dastan Genre - book chapter by H.B. Paksoy
  • The Bald Boy Keloglan and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World - by H.B. Paksoy
  • The Seljuqs of the Rum - essay by Steven Lowe
  • Bashiri Working Papers on Central Asia and Iran - essays by Iraj Bashiri
  • Peoples of Early Russian History - in Russian
  • Barbarians - rulers of the Hsiung-nu, Golden Horde, Cumans, Alans, Khazars, more
  • The Crimea - rulers of the Crimea
  • In Die Welt der Steppenreiter - German site about Central Asian steppe-culture
  • Role of Lower Volga Region in Development of Trade and Interaction of Cultures on the Great Volga Way - Russian essay by P.V. Kazakov

  • Linguistics
  • Western (Oguz) Turkic Languages
  • Central (Kipchak) Turkic Languages
  • Eastern (Chagatay) Turkic Languages
  • Ural Mountains Turkic Languages
  • Siberian Turkic Languages
  • Orkhon Alphabet of the Ancient Turks of Central Asia
  • The Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet - runic writing in Scandinavia
  • A székely-magyar rovásírás - Hungarian essay on Székely runes
  • Oriëntaal's Links to Turkic Languages
  • Minority Languages of Russia on the Net: Turkic Languages
  • CenAsiaNet's Advanced Lessons in Kazak, Turkmen, Uzbek
  • Learn Turkish-Tatar-English
  • Shorica - learn Shor language, in Russian
  • Linguaturka.com - searchable dictionaries for word conversions between English, Turkish, Azeri, Tatar, Uyghur, TuvanMusic
  • Imagina: Central Asian Collection of Music
  • Sevara Nazarkhan - Uzbek musician's official site
  • The Yulduz Usmanova Homepage - fan page for this famous Uzbek singer
  • The Pop Life: Uzbekistan Dreams Made of Music
  • Multicultural Media
  • Azerbaijan International's Audio Section
  • Scimitar Records
  • Eurasian Music by Turkish Musician Murat Ses
  • The Musical Nomad: A Central Asian Music Travellogue from 1997
  • Turkic Peoples' Music

  • Publications
  • Routledge: Asian Studies
  • KaraM Arastirmalari Merkezi
  • Turko-Tatar Press
  • Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR)
  • Caspian Crossroads Magazine
  • The Voice of Greater Central Asia
  • Buchversand Krieger - bookshop for literature about Central Asia
  • Kubon and Sagner Buchexport-Import - in German
  • Middle EurAsian Books
  • East View Publications - books, newspapers, and journals from and about Central Asia
  • Ekin Library and Publications
  • Articles on Turkish History by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy
  • Essays on Central Asia, by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy
  • Caspian Business Report

  • Resource Directories and Miscellaneous
  • Central Asia Commerce - directory
  • Silk Road Seattle Project: Cities and Architecture along the Silk Road
  • Tan Wee Cheng's Odyssey: Heart of the Silk Road - Central Asia
  • Bugiad - Bursa, Türkiye
  • Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)
  • The Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies
  • Türk Dirlik - resource for Turkology (study of Turkic peoples and their history)
  • Turan - in Turkish
  • Nihal Atsiz - in Turkish
  • EurasiaNet.org
  • SOTA's Turkic World
  • Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center's Resources for Central Asia
  • Turksib Railway - in Russian
  • Advance: Central Asia Virtual Gallery
  • Red Book: The Turkic Shors
  • Red Book: The Tofalars
  • Tofa Language and Culture - ethnological project
  • Altai-Sayan Language and Ethnography Project
  • Red Book: The Nogays
  • Red Book: The Lithuanian Tatars
  • Iraqi Turkmen Front
  • Arab Gateway: The Turkomans of Iraq
  • Türkmen Halk Partisi - political party for Iraqi Turkmens
  • Türkmeneli Isbirligi ve Kültür Vakfi - in Turkish and English
  • Turkmens of Iran
  • Güney: Azerbaycan Kultur Ocaqi
  • Chuvashes of the Samara Region of Russia
  • Tatars of the Samara Region of Russia
  • The Turkic Groups of Afghanistan (Uzbeks and Turkmens)
  • Afghanistan and Central Asia Research Information
  • The Turkish World Flag and Map Hall
  • Ferghana Valley: In the Middle of the Empires - essay by Johan Gely
  • East-West - Oriental carpets and rugs
  • Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs and Rug-Weaving in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • Oriental Rug Notes: Central Asian and Chinese Rugs - including Uzbek and Kyrgyz rugs
  • Ipek Yolu Silk Road Carpets and Kilims
  • Turkmen Carpets from Afghanistan
  • Seals from Altai to Anatolia - artwork and motifs of Central Asia and Turkey
  • The Wild Animals of Turkestan
  • Photography of Central Asia
  • Akihito Koriyama's Gallery of Central Asian Photographs - images of Uyguristan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan
  • The Empire That Was Russia: Ethnic Diversity
  • From Baltic To The Black Sea: A Journey Across The Frontier Lands of Europe
  • Ahyskinskii (Meshetinskii) Turks: Twice-Deported People - in Russian
  • Meskhetian Turks: Twice Deported People - in English
  • North Caucasian Bibliography and Library
  • Celebrating the Life of Ismail Bey Gaspirali
  • TsentrAziya - in Russian
  • Scouting in Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • The Silk Road Project, Inc.
  • Travel Along Central Asia - Web portal about Central Asia and tourism
  • SpecialDepartures.com - Travel Information and Tour Brochure Distribution
  • Silk Road Treasure Tours - travel to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and beyond
  • Asia Silk Tours - Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  • The Oriental Caravan - travelers' tours to Turkmenistan and the Silk Road


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M. Dostoyevski MEB klasik Çevrimiçi Oku,25,Fuzuli,3,Gagavuzya,10,Ganira Pashayeva,1,Gayaz İshaki,1,Gazali,1,Gazneliler,2,Gence Hanedanlığı,1,Germiyanoğulları,2,Gök Bilge Hüseyin Nihal Atsız,62,Göktürkler,32,Güncel,34,Güneş Dil Teorisi,1,haber,7,habertürk,7,Hakasya,11,Halil İnalcık,2,Hamidoğulları,1,Harezmşahlar,1,Haydarâbad Nizamlığı,1,Hazar İmparatorluğu (Hazarlar),6,Hive Hanlığı,1,Hoca Ahmet Yesevi,1,Hokand Hanlığı,1,Hulkar Abdullaeva,20,Hulki Cevizoğlu,1,Hun İmparatorluğu,15,Irak Selçukluları,3,İbn Bibi,1,İhşidoğulları Beyliği (İhşidîler),1,İlber Ortaylı,2,İldenizliler,1,illüstrasyonlu Türkçü - Pantürkist Video Ali Can Meydan Yapımları,4,İnaloğulları Beyliği,1,İnançoğulları (Lâdik Beyliği),1,internetten kitap oku,624,iskitler,20,İsmail Gaspıralı,3,izleti,277,İzmir (İzmiroğulları,1,İzmiroğlu) Beyliği,1,Kadı Burhaneddin Ahmed Devleti,1,Kanglı/Kanklı Türkleri,1,Karaçay,14,Karahanlılar Devleti,6,Karakalpakistan,2,Karakoyunlu,1,Karamanoğulları (Karamanoğlu),1,Karasioğulları,2,Karay Türkleri,2,Karluklar,2,Kasım Hanlığı,1,Kaşgar Turfan Hanlığı,3,Kaşgarlı Mahmut,6,Kaşkay Türkleri,3,Kazakeli,44,Kazan Hanlığı,1,Kazım Karabekir Paşa,3,Kemal Ermetin,1,Kerkük Türkleri,1,Kırgızlar,27,Kırım Özerk,9,Kimekler (Kimek Devleti),4,Kirman Selçukluları,1,kitab o'qı,60,kitap oku,624,kitep oxu,60,kitop oka,60,Kuman Kıpçak Türkleri,12,Kumuklar,3,Kuşanlar,2,Kutadgu Bilig,7,Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti,1,Ludîler,1,Macarlar ve Türkler,9,Mahmut Esat Bozkurt,2,Massagetler - Tomris,5,Mehmet Kaplan,1,Memlükler (Memlûk Devleti),4,Mengücekler,1,Mengücekoğulları),1,Mengücükler (Mengücükoğulları,1,Menteşe),1,Menteşeoğulları (Menteşeoğlu,1,Milli Mücadele национальная борьба в Турцию national struggle for Turkey,14,Moğol İmparatorluğu,15,Muhammed Emin Resulzade,4,Murat Bardakçı,3,Mustafa Şokay,1,Mustafa Yıldızdoğan,1,Nahçıvan,2,Nejdet Sançar,3,Nesimi,1,Nihat Genç,1,Nogay Hanlığı,5,Nursultan Äbişulı Nazarbayev,2,Oğuz Boyları Damgaları-Tamgaları,29,Oğuz Kağan,13,Oğuz-Yabgu Devleti,6,online çevrimiçi internetten osmanlıca oku,449,online kitap oku,624,online turkish book read,624,orhun_orkun_kadim_türk_dili,45,Osmanlı İmparatorluğu,18,osmanlıca kitap oku,449,ottoman books read,449,ottoman history book,449,Ön Türkler,320,Özbek Eli,20,Peçenek Türkleri,3,Pervaneoğulları Beyliği,1,Prof Dr Kazım Mirşan,49,Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halaçoğlu,4,proto turks,312,Ramazanoğulları,1,Reha Oğuz Türkkan,3,Rıza Nur,4,Sabarlar ( Sabar Devleti),2,Sâcoğulları (Sâcîler),1,Safevî Devleti (Safevîler),4,Safeviler,7,Saha Türkleri,13,Sâhibatâoğulları (Sahib Ataoğulları),1,Saka Türkleri,11,Salgurlular,1,Saltuklu Beyliği (Saltuklular,2,Saltukoğulları),1,Saruhanoğulları,1,Sayan Altay Türkleri,17,Sekel Yazısı,5,Selaattin Eyyübi,1,Selçuklu Kartalı Afşin Bey,1,senseizm,77,Serdengeçti Dergisi Çevrimiçi Oku 1950,24,Sibir Hanlığı,2,Sökmenliler),1,Suriye Selçukluları,1,Sümerliler,21,Şəhriyar,2,Tabgaçlar (Tabgaç Devleti),2,Taner Ünal ile Tarih ve Siyaset Yazıları,111,Taner-Ünal-e-kitap-pdf-makaleler-tarih-oku-okuttur-epub-ebook-read-Bilig-Bitig,68,Tataristan,24,Tekeoğulları,1,Tengri Tanrı Allah,4,Tolunoğulları Beyliği,3,Tuğluklular,1,Turan ensemble,6,Turan Yazgan,1,turan_halklari_turanic_people_hajra_turan-turkestan-turks,72,Turania People - Grand Asian Turkestan - Turkish Public - Азия Туран Туркестан,2,turcarum imperatore,311,Turkic Republics and Communities Türk Dünyası Bağlantı Zincirleri,11,turkish bookcase,60,Turkish stamps,312,Tuva Türkleri,7,Türgişler (Türgiş Devleti),1,Türk Asya,150,Türk Bahar Bayramı Nevruz,2,Türk Belgesel,56,Türk Denizliği Piri Reis,2,Türk Dili,142,Türk Din Anlayışı,54,Türk Dünyası Derlemeler,11,Türk Film,5,Türk Kültür ve Sanatı,192,Türk Ocakları,2,Türk Okçuluğu,2,Türk Sergiler,28,Türk Türkmen mitolojisi karakterleri - Turkish mythology characters - Турецкие символов мифология,41,Türk ve Türkiye Tarihi,213,Türk_mitolojisi-Turkish_mythology-Турецкий_мифология,43,Türkçe Tarih Dergisi,3,Türkçü Dergi,1,Türkiye,68,Türkiye Selçuklu Devleti,3,Türklerde Bilim,18,Türkmenler,24,Uğur Mumcu,2,ultra-türkler,2,Urum Türkleri,2,Uygurlar,33,Yakutistan,16,Yaşar Kalafat,1,Yazarlar,3,Yusuf Akçura,4,Zeki Velidi,6,Zengîler,2,Ziya Gökalp,5,кiтап oxu,60,кiтапхана oqı,60,мәдениет,60,мәлiмет,60,мәлiмет ұсыну,60,Тюрки России,12,
    Türk Asya - Asian Turkish, Тюрки России: Turkic Republics and Communities(Türk Dünyası Bağlantı Zincirleri)
    Turkic Republics and Communities(Türk Dünyası Bağlantı Zincirleri)
    Türk Asya - Asian Turkish, Тюрки России
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