New Turkic Monuments Discovered at Delgerhaan Mountain

New Turkic Monuments Discovered at Delgerhaan Mountain 

       Takashi Osawa, specialist in Turkic history at the University of Osaka, discovered two Turkic monuments 400 km from Ulaanbaatar. The Chairman of the Turkish Language Association (TDK) Professor Mustafa Kacalin has declared that the two written epitaphs are influential to the understanding of the history and language of the period.

       These ne
w discoveries are two of the largest samples found at three and four meters in hight. There are a total of 2,832 signs on the epitaphs included in 20 lines of text. New information is expected to be discovered after studies of the epitaphs have been conducted. The Orkhon script (named after the Orkhon valley where many such objects have been found) is believed to date from the 8th Century during the Turk Empire.

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